Cross product calculator is used to find the product of two vectors using the matrix method. The vectors can be entered using the coordinates representation or points.

What is the meaning of Cross Product?

In Mathematics, the cross product is also known as the vector product, is a binary operation of two vectors in the three dimensional space. It is a particular type of vector multiplication in which two vectors will result in another final vector.

Formula of cross product:

The formula to calculate the cross product of two vectors is given below:

a × b = ||a|| ||b|| sin(θ) n


a, b are the two vectors
θ is the angle between two vectors
|| || represents the magnitude
n is a unit vector which is at right angles to
both the vectors a and b

Right-Hand thumb rule:

If you hold you your right hand and angle the thumb, index finger, and mid finger at 90 degrees, this is called the Right-hand thumb rule.

The index and mid finger here represent vectors a and b the cross product of these vectors is represented by the thumb finger, i.e., a x b